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Over 18 years of achievement
Scarborough Chinese
Outreach  Committee
Scarborough COC was founded in March 1996.  The founding members
recognized the need to promote the active participation of citizens of the
Scarborough community in health care causes in general and were
impressed with the decades of exemplary service provided by The
Scarborough Hospital, one of Canada’s largest urban community hospital.  
Throughout the years, COC has undertaken a number of initiatives for
community involvement in promoting health and wellness and drawn
attention to the dire need for additional hospital funding from the private
and public sectors.

The most significant initiative has been the Mid-Autumn Ball – an annual
fund-raising gala that began in 1996.  Through its tireless efforts over the
years, COC has witnessed the exponential growth of the Mid-Autumn Ball.  
It has succeeded in raising over $1.5 million to-date.

While most of the funds raised benefits The Scarborough Hospital, part of
the proceeds is also used for bursaries and research grants for the medical
staff, scholarships for student volunteers at The Scarborough Hospital and
for COC’s other health care outreach initiatives and undertakings.  

COC is committed to making our communities healthier.